A Conversation about the Divine Feminine

Since January, I’ve been working with Ariana Brackenbury (Wisdom of the Camino) to design pilgrimages in France. This is a dream come true, and it has been a fantastic experience full of immense growth and learning.

I know from my own experience with my first pilgrimage, that when you say a resounding YES to the process, that’s when the magic begins. Long before you arrive to take the first step, the energy of pilgrimage takes root within you and invites you to open. Whatever resistance you may have to the upcoming adventure rises up to be acknowledged and potentially released.

It feels different somehow, from day-to-day unfolding. There is a knowledge that you are held within a circle of intention stemming from the initial yes, clearing the path for you to receive the gifts of this particular pilgrimage. It helps to be aware of what comes up, and what it is pointing to.

This speaks to me of a broader concept, catharsis, which is a (sometimes destructive) wave of powerful energy opening the way for awakening. It offers you an opportunity to surrender and take deep, deep responsibility for your energy and your Self. While catharsis can feel like an ending, from the perspective of the feminine all endings are a rebirth, an opening into something new. Beginnings are held within the endings. Like Ourobouros, the Egyptian symbol of the snake eating its tail.

The reawakening and integration of the Divine Feminine has been happening for some time, sending ripples of change through collective structures. This can manifest as individual and collective catharsis, breaking down the old to make way for a different way of being. It is a gesture of love, often misinterpreted as punishment or chaos by the ego. The way of the feminine is surrender. Release resistance to the death of things as you’ve known them, and rest in trust and faith as the new emerges. Birth takes time, and patience.

Ariana and I recently spent time in discussion with a friend, David Gross, facilitating. The result is a series of 15 videos exploring the energy of the Divine Feminine, with a special focus on Mary Magdalene and our upcoming pilgrimage(s). The first one takes place this September. I invite you to join in the conversation, here, on Youtube or in our Facebook group.

Big Love,
~ Jenny <3

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