The Divine Feminine eats Transformation for Breakfast

~ Back in July, I was asked by a friend to write a piece about the divine feminine. It took a while for it to come together, and finally on 12 August (2016), this is what emerged.  It isn’t so much that it was difficult, it was that I was resisting the final piece, the bit that made me go a-ha! and see how it all comes together.

I was trying to make it pretty.

It was only when I realised that; when I allowed the Divine Feminine’s fierce power to wash over me in waves of ecstatic memory, that the pieces clicked into place.

This is what I wrote, which was not in line with the compassionate feminine the friend had hoped to see. I understand her reluctance. There has been so much fear around the feminine and her concern was that this would exacerbate that. To me, it feels just right. For ten years I’ve been learning to trust my channel and I do. More than anything in the world, I trust this, and myself. ~

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The Divine Feminine is not just pretty. She’s ferocious and wild and free; blood and tears and pain. She’s the Phoenix rising from the ashes of death after death. This feminine is intimately familiar with the darkness and hidden places.

She is not afraid to dwell at the brink of madness in search of the essence of Life.

There are other aspects to her; she loves fiercely and protects those she loves with devotion and passion. She is giving, receptive, nurturing, and accepting, loves adornment and laughs regularly. She holds space for others to be their best selves and desires the highest good for all.

The Whole Feminine

Without the wildness and the darkness, she is incomplete; a watered-down version of the truth. She is a feminine made palatable to a Patriarchy that has become imbalanced and tried to define for millennia the ways in which we are to engage or to be.

The Divine Feminine is not here simply to make others comfortable or to ease their pain. She is here to awaken in us all the memories of what we have given up to become domesticated by the distortions in our collective energy.

This Feminine, the one that has been calling to us to re-engage, takes no prisoners. She visits in the deepest night, when you lie awake wondering how you ended up in another dysfunctional relationship. She speaks to you through horrific acts of degradation and terror, and calls to you to access your power to act. She opens you to feel in the depths of your soul the desperate pain of separation that occurred so long ago.

The Divine Feminine does not shy from death, for she understands that without it, rebirth is not possible. Gone is the gentle nurturer that sacrifices her Self and her needs for the comfort and nourishment of others.

She is not weak; she is power incarnate. She is terrifying and magnificent; ecstasy and grief; creation and destruction.

She lives in tune with the cycles of the Earth, expressing her creative and procreative powers as the Moon waxes and wanes. She brings forth life from her womb in a wash of blood and pain. She harnesses the rage of millennia of subjugation, denial and distortion, transforming it into inexplicable beauty.

Bringing Balance to the Collective

Her compassion is off the charts, although it may not look the way you expect. She does not have patience for victims or martyrs, but will engage in projects and conversations that are designed to create magic for those willing to transform and be transformed. She is not a submissive, soft, counterpart to a masculine that only wishes to partake of her gentleness.

This is by no means meant to vilify the masculine. The Divine Masculine, in its right power, is magnificent and can easily meet the feminine head-on. What we have seen for far too long is a distortion of the masculine energy, an attempt to source power from without and hold it over others as a means of control or coercion.

The current distortions have attempted to play down the power of the emotions and cycles that rule the feminine, perhaps through misunderstanding, perhaps through fear of what they are capable of producing.

Surrender is a key factor in harnessing the energy of the Divine Feminine. The alchemy of transformation is only possible with total surrender. Release all you know to be true to discover the magic of connection and wholeness. Surrender to the joy of loving the totality of existence, which begins with you.

Surrender what you believe defines you and allow for the fires of transformation to burn through your life and your world, embracing the process of rebirth as an act of service. As you transform, you open a channel to the Divine and contribute to the rebalancing of All.

The Divine Feminine is a loving force of elemental majesty, and she wants to introduce you to parts of you that have lain dormant for lifetimes. Will you invite her in?

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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