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As a way to further explore the energetic interplay between narcissists and empaths, I’m filming a series of videos. My intention is to examine the dynamic from as many angles as possible.

I started to film a series of interviews last year (November, 2015) which are part of the YouTube playlist. These interviews included four people examining the topic from a variety of perspectives. I will include more collaborative efforts in the future. I’ve recently realised it’s imperative for me to first claim my own ‘expertise.’

I’d love you to join the conversation. Please leave comments or questions or topic suggestions. If you’d like to see live stream events, let me know.

Here’s the playlist entitled ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’

My collaborators

Reba Linker: Reba’s description of Narcissists as ‘story snatchers’ is powerful and revealing. She emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-forgiveness. She also talks about the power of your belief in the goodness of your intention.

Reba Linker, is a master teacher, bestselling author, and life coach. She’s ready to lead you on the path of self-love to a happier and more fulfilling way of life. Join her Facebook group, Leaders in Self-Love.

Vito Mucci, author of Coffee for Consciousness 101. Vito talks about the importance of processing emotion. He says so few people are consciously aware of their emotional states. First he outlines the narcissist’s 2-step maneuver to manipulate others to their reality. He follows this with a 3-step process to maintain autonomy when faced with this energy.

Vito Mucci is a shaman, artist and author. His book, Coffee for Consciousness 101 ‘is a textbook aimed at learning and applying perspectives as tools. Stretching the mind and engaging our world is priceless.’ Join his Facebook page.

Joy Holland: Joy offers clear tips on how to establish energetic boundaries that are not barriers. She also talks about how to get to trust, when the experience of trust is not familiar.

Joy is an empathic intuitive, empowerment coach and clarity and energy facilitator. Her focus on presence and energy movement is at the root of all her work. Join her Facets community on Facebook

Veronica Lee: Veronica looks at the concepts of codependency and empathy and helps untangle the threads that tie the two together. She offers clear, practical exercises to move into more empowered empathy.

Veronica is a mystic, intuitive mentor and writer at OM Times magazine. She is also the host of a new tv experience called ‘Whole Soul Revolution.’ Also find her on Facebook.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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