Diverse Abilities at Bain

Diverse Abilities at Bain

Diverse Abilities at Bain (DAAB) is a community built around disability, neurodiversity, and how our members' minds and bodies work differently in ways that influence our life and work. The group is open to people who share these experiences as well as family members and caregivers of those that do. This community is broad, intersectional, diverse, and talented, with a wide range of experiences both visible and invisible. We provide tailored support including mentorship and programs that create pathways for success inside Bain. We take great pride in the meaningful bonds this group creates, and in the vast contributions our members make across the organization.

A core piece of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Bain has been investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion for more than 30 years. Beginning with our early affinity communities, we have expanded into a wide range of comprehensive programs to create a culture of inclusion where every Bainie can thrive. 

Diverse Abilities at Bain provides members an added layer of tailored support and a space to form meaningful relationships, drive connectivity, and build community. While we take pride in the deep bonds created within Diverse Abilities at Bain, we also build connections with other affinity groups, and share about our experiences in ways that help all Bainies feel supported. 

“Diverse Abilities at Bain is a community of folks who have walked in my shoes as a caretaker of a person with a disability. It gives me energy and new ways to connect.”

Elizabeth Karl

Partner, New York

Providing an added layer of belonging and support

Building community through summits, celebrations, and events

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