Consumer Products</a>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<a href="/link/3d1a7e668549473284ca0672f7f5e8d9.aspx">Customer practices. He is also a local champion of our <a href="/link/052f8ffee714408080aced909e9b32d2.aspx">Vector: Digital Delivery</a>&nbsp;practice." />

Mathieu Dangotte



About Mathieu

Mathieu Dangotte is a member of our Consumer Products and Customer practices. He is also a local champion of our Vector: Digital Delivery practice.

Mathieu serves major consumer products companies across multiple categories, spanning food and beverage, beauty and cosmetics, OTC, and appliances, focusing on growth strategy, brand growth acceleration programs, digital commerce, marketing acceleration, and operating model.

While with the firm, he has led growth and value acceleration work for several large, $10B+ CPGs.

Apart from his client work, Mathieu is the local sponsor for our recruiting efforts at Solvay Business School, from which he earned a Master in Management Science.

In his personal time, he is passionate about both practicing and watching his favorite sports, especially tennis, football, and golf.

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