Communications, Media &amp; Entertainment</a> practice and in our Global <a href="/link/07efd69ff82c432186ded5d5ba873c3d.aspx">Customer, <a href="/link/de3fea9fdb44442aa3762bfa388ee8e1.aspx">Digital and <a href="/link/1fa93d1ebe794143be1ded34cfe16149.aspx">Full Potential Transformation</a> capabilities." />

Frédéric Debruyne



About Frédéric

Frédéric Debruyne is a senior partner and a leader in our Global Communications, Media & Entertainment practice and in our Global Customer, Digital and Full Potential Transformation capabilities.

He previously led our EMEA CME practice and our global Customer Experience Transformation capability.

Becoming a customer-centric and digital leader requires a multi-year transformation, excelling on critical customer journeys, customer life-time value management, along with deep cultural and operating model changes.

Frédéric Debruyne

Frédéric has 20+ years of management consulting experience and focuses on leading customer-centric and purpose-lead company transformations across Europe, Middle-East and Africa, in Communications, Media, Utilities and Technology sectors.

He holds deep expertise in full potential transformations, strategy, customer experience, omni-channel redesign, simplification and digitization, agile operating model, new digital business, performance improvement.

Outside of his client work, Frédéric has lead Bain’s global Insead recruiting, and is actively engaged in coaching and training of consultants.

He is also engaged in non-profit activities, notably with Doctors Without Borders and with the Insead Alumni Association.

Frédéric holds an MBA from INSEAD with distinction, and a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Business School.  

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Bain's Fred Debruyne shares how leading companies are tapping digital technology to simplify the customer experience.

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