Advanced Analytics</a>&nbsp;and <a href="/link/a75be2257c544b71ae337496921effe9.aspx">Advanced Manufacturing &amp; Services</a> practices and leads the&nbsp;<a href="/link/f6573de0902142b6a9795a54fd997973.aspx">Commercial Excellence</a> practice in the EMEA region." />

Jens Friis Hjortegaard



B2B and B2D commercial improvement, digital transformation and advanced analytics authority, backed by more than a decade of advisory experience.

About Jens



  • Former partner for Qvartz
  • Prior head of Qvartz's Commercial Excellence practice and advanced analytics efforts

Jens Friis Hjortegaard is part of our Advanced Analytics and Advanced Manufacturing & Services practices and leads the Commercial Excellence practice in the EMEA region.

Jens primarily works at the intersection of commercial improvement and growth, digital transformation and advanced analytics across B2B and B2D industries, including advanced manufacturing, medtech, telecommunications, and energy and renewables.

As a former leader of Qvartz's Commercial Excellence practice and advanced analytics unit, Qvartz Analytics, he led numerous international engagements focused on go-to-market strategy, pricing, aftermarket growth, CRM and CPQ implementation, commercial operating model redesign, and virtual selling.

Jens holds an M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management, as well as a B.Sc. in Business and Philosophy, from Copenhagen Business School.

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