When I Forget I am Magic

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(This post was originally published on 19 May, 2016)

When I forget I am a creature of magic forged in the diamond fires of stardust and sunshine… I feel confused and only partially alive.

When I forget that I can create moments of exquisite beauty in the blink of an eye… I get distracted by the noise of striving, pushing and competing, and I feel frustrated.

When I forget I can hear the gentle whispers of the trees, the wisdom of the whales and dolphins, and the loving messages of the Earth… I feel lonely and unsettled.

When I forget that my inner child is the most joyful, magical being I’ve ever met, and I forget to listen to her voice… I feel despondent and disconnected.

When I forget I am magic… I don’t breathe as deeply, see as clearly or live as vibrantly as my soul would have me do.

When I forget that every living being has a story to tell and love to share… I feel alone.

When I forget that my body and mind are made up of the same atoms that bind all of creation together… I feel unworthy.

When I forget to heed the knowing part of me that guides me towards my highest good… I feel broken and sometimes make poor choices.

When I forget the sweetness of the sound of a cat’s purr or the feel of a comforting touch… I feel empty.

When I forget the beauty of a sunset or the sound of waves gently kissing the shore… I feel less alive.

When I forget I am magic… I don’t wake up each morning yearning to see what fresh adventure the day will bring and how much love I will share.

When I forget the pleasure of a kiss that transports you to other dimensions and the taste of fresh raspberries… I feel lost.

When I forget how damned miraculous it is to wake up every day and be alive and open my eyes on this world of mystery and breathe the air that’s made up of millions of particles from dinosaurs and moondust… I feel separate.

When I forget to take the time to taste the food I make, and to feel its nutrients coursing through my every cell… I feel unfulfilled.

When I forget to look in someone’s eyes and say ‘I love you’… I feel the loss of that moment as if it were a death.

When I forget to bring my open heart to every person, place and situation… I feel resistance and exhaustion.

When I forget I am magic… I live only half a life, measuring myself against some perceived external goalpost that is just a distraction from that truth.

When I forget to listen with my heart… I don’t hear other’s hearts.

When I forget to spend time lying in the grass watching the clouds roll by… I miss the pretty stories they paint for me alone.

When I forget to love myself… I lose sight of the things that are important in a day, like laughter, moisturizing and ice cream.

When I forget to stop to smell the roses, talk to the cows and marvel at the insects… I lose sight of the moments that make life beautiful.

When I forget to thank people for the help they’ve provided, the friends they’ve been, the gifts they’ve given me, and their love… I feel hungry for something to fill the gaping hole in me.

When I forget to honour the parts of me that have shown me how to change the way I see the world, and shown me where my beauty lies… I still feel ugly and useless.

When I forget to spend my money with joy and pleasure… I feel destitute.

When I forget to dance… I feel sad and shut down.

When I forget I am magic… I forget to taste deeply all that life has to offer and allow it to transform me.

When I forget that I am free to be the most delightful, creative and abundant version of myself I can be… I feel imprisoned.

When I forget to be kind and compassionate to others… I feel that omission as a knife wound in my heart.

When I forget I can sing creations to life… I feel the silence as overwhelming.

When I forget that my fears are gifts that show me where I’m resisting beautiful truths… I believe them.

When I forget to express myself in creative ways… I feel constricted and dead inside.

When I forget that other’s opinions are only that and not the undeniable truth… I feel wrong and ashamed.

When I forget that sometimes I need to ask for help… I don’t get any.

When I forget I am magic… I forget I am alive.

May you always remember you are magic!

Big Love,
~ Jenny

20 Replies to “When I Forget I am Magic”

    • Thank you, Tamuria!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It flowed in a very different way than most of my posts, so it was fun to put it out there. I like to return to it occasionally to remind myself of the magic.

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny

  1. I felt the flow from your heart to the page. You left no stone unturned. The magic of being fully self-expressed . The magic of knowing what matters. The magic of Being.

  2. Wonderful ode to living life from a place of wonder and magic, Jenny! A beautiful reminder to live, love, experience and see the magic in all we are and all we do! Reading this, I could feel the joy you must have experienced in letting this flow out onto the page! Beautiful and inspiring! Here’s to more people remembering we are Magic. xo
    Beverley Golden recently posted…A Story is a Living BeingMy Profile

    • Thank you, Beverley!

      I’m so glad you could feel the joy! It was an experience filled with love and joy to write this piece. It just flowed. I’m so glad you found it inspiring. I hope we all remember 🙂

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

  3. What a beautiful post, here’s to a life woven with magic strong and silken each and every day. Sending many blessings your way.

  4. When we get caught in externals and believe that our identity depends on the outside world rather than within us, it is natural to lose touch with ourselves and forget that we are a part of much bigger picture and a magical part of the Cosmic Whole.

    At least 1 activity a day which is focused on loving self-care makes sure we stay magical.
    Vatsala Shukla recently posted…You need to unblock spirituality to save your businessMy Profile

    • Thanks for your comment, Vatsala!

      There are so many reasons we can lose sight of our magic, and it seems to me it’s actually a part of the journey we undertake when we enter into this human realm of separation/duality. The remembering is the truth. I love your point about loving self-care. Great reminder!

      Big Love,
      ~ Jenny <3

  5. This is absolutely beautiful, Jenny. A series of wonderful reminders and simply beautiful prose. Thanks so much for reminding me to remember my magic 🙂

  6. I had to read this right away, even tho I’m busy getting ready for a taping for my show. I knew I had to… tears. You’re speaking for me, Jenny. Thank you! So beautiful, so…magic! xo
    Reba Linker recently posted…Stepping UpMy Profile