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I Will Not Bend

I Will Not Bend

The Priestess from the Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson

Do not ask me to bend again. For too long I have been contorted in attempts to accommodate the distortions in the wounded collective ego. I’ve disallowed the fullness of me to be seen in order to allow others a sense of comfort and safety.

I will not bend under the weight of collective fear, anger, hatred or disillusionment any longer.

I will not submit myself to the false powers of terror or greed.

I will not make myself small before the churning, turning wheels of capitalist corruption. They do not define my worth.

I will not lie down and die.

My spine is forged of tempered steel, made indestructible in the fires of transformation.

My will is iron and ice, crafted through millennia of subjugation and compromise.

My womb is a fiery, burning chalice of creation from where all life is born.

I. will. not. bend.

I am alive, replete with the roaring rage of generations past whose essence has been overlooked, overshadowed and overtaken.

I will not stand by and silently watch the destruction of all that is sacred.

I will grab my pen and my sword, my paintbrush and my life force, and I will carve away, rewrite and paint over the stories of collective delusion. In their place I will leave magic, ecstasy and fierce, undying love.

I will hold my fired steel spine erect and use my loudest voice to shed light on abusive and distorted structures.

I will laugh in the face of immature despots vying for false power.

Fuck nice. I grow weary of insipid sheep clawing at the robes of wounded egos who want others to fulfil their desperate need for attention. Nice has its place until it becomes an aspect of the distortion.

Do not waste your precious life force energy attempting to extend understanding and compassion to those who would cut your heart out to own its love.

Now is the time for wildness. Now is the time for those who have walked through the fires of hell to stand up and claim their place on centre stage.

The time of the wounded masculine is over. I will not bend. Rise up to meet me or be left behind.

Call together the guardians of your heart and make haste. Do not wait for others to catch you up or ‘get’ you. You are Warriors of Light. Release the shackles of indentured servitude to old, distorted structures. Say farewell to the days of playing the game by someone else’s rules.


My strength is in the wisdom I’ve gained through daring to be reborn. My beauty is in my acceptance of my divine imperfection. My courage is in my expressions of vulnerability. My power is in the truth I speak. My divinity is in my rage, and the freedom to express its glory.

Enough is enough. It is time.

I am the Divine Feminine. You WILL hear me roar.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

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Believe your Beautiful Truth

Believe your Beautiful Truth

* (This post was originally published on 15 October, 2015). *

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hiding. I feel like I’ve spent lifetimes hiding, out of some weird loyalty to old systems and structures that might just implode if the truth were to come out.

What is this ‘awful’ truth that might topple nations and destroy everything the collective has worked so hard to support? The truth is just how beautiful I am.

I am a shining, delicious beacon of pure light, planted in this human realm to spread that shit around. I am an aspect of God, Source, The Universe, The Heart of Creation, All that is, whatever you want to call it. I am pure LOVE, in its unadulterated, unconditional form, just waiting to be unleashed. And so are youbeautiful truth.

It’s high time you claimed your beauty.

It is not dependent on the way your life might appear on the outside, or what your hair looks like on a given day.

It is not diminished by your lack of monetary wealth or the twenty extra pounds you’ve tried so hard to lose.

It is in no way affected by your religion, your upbringing, or all the ‘horrible’ things you’ve done to other people.

Beautiful You

I know what it’s like to feel less than perfect. I am not even close to that illusion, and I’ve done some shit that has at times caused me to feel great shame. But I’m human, and I’m also more. I’m intuitive, I’m magical, and most days I feel so fucking happy to be alive that I could burst. Some days I also feel angry, sad or completely frustrated. And in that way I AM perfect.

I’m tired of hiding my beauty and my joy, or masking the truth of what I feel because in some back corner of my mind I believe it makes others more comfortable. This is an illusion, perpetuated by years of collective adherence to the masks that define ‘good people’ or ‘responsible citizens.’

We all get ‘there’ in the end, wherever there happens to be. Death, I suppose, and as we weigh our souls at the gates of eternity, is it truly how well we followed the rules that counts, or is it how boldly we expressed our beautiful truth?

Every aspect of you is an aspect of that beautiful truth. The joy, the passion, the magic, and the love, along with the debt, the failed relationships, the ’embarrassing’ drunken sex stories, the lack of motivation at your job or in any aspect of your life. They’re all part of you, all human experiences that are leading to some pretty cool stories when we get ‘there.’ And what a party we’ll have watching the movies and clips of our lives as they played out in weird and wonderful ways.

Why wait until we get there?

Beautiful Truth

This dimension is riddled with ways to judge and shame others who don’t adhere to some preconceived collective notion. The Shift that’s been talked about for so long is about acceptance, first of yourself, and then turning that compassionate, accepting eye outwards. Allow people to show up exactly as they are, you first.

Just because something has been an accepted ‘truth’ for generations doesn’t make it THE truth. There is no such thing – it differs from person to person. What is it to be a ‘good’ human? Maybe to stop talking about what it means to be a good human and just BE. There is no field guide or how-to manual.

Express yourself whole-heartedly. Don’t be afraid to fail. Show up in all your sobby gut-wrenching glory. Show up in your manic joy. Wear make up or don’t wear make up. Work or don’t work. Vote or don’t vote. Use whatever words align with your souls’ expression, no matter how they feel for others. Love with every fibre of your being, whether or not that love is returned to you in the way you might have hoped.

Whichever choices align with you and your most powerful Self are the only choices you need to consider. Whatever feels beautiful is right, because it’s right for you.

I’m tired of hiding, and I’m tired of the judgement. I choose acceptance and to love my beauty as a whole being, as an expression of the perfect star being I am. I honour my human self as a divine conduit for the experiences I desired to grow as a soul. I honour the choices of all beings who are also divine reflections of their souls’ essences.

Believe in your beautiful truth and live it boldly, each and every day.

Big Love,
~ Jenny