More on Power (and Pleasure)

There’s some more clarity on power coming through, and it has a few separate threads. Maybe I’ll start first with that: what do I mean by threads? The way my channel works is that I’m ‘shown’; in one way or Continue reading More on Power (and Pleasure)

Joy and Pleasure

This is part of ‘An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists’ video series. One of the common symptoms and experiences post-abuse is the inability to feel joy (clinical term anhedonia). How do you reawaken your enchantment for life and your joy? Be Continue reading Joy and Pleasure

An Ode to your Magical Body

Your magical body is the home of your soul, the conduit you chose to explore this thing called life. It’s a masterpiece! It may not feel immediately easy to access body-love when you wake up every day and see the Continue reading An Ode to your Magical Body