How to Untangle Attachments

* Also see the post entitled ‘Defining Attachment,’ which explores varying levels of attachment, including enmeshment and entanglement * Releasing attachments to old experiences can be challenging. Especially so when they’ve left you feeling hurt, betrayed or otherwise unsettled. Perhaps Continue reading How to Untangle Attachments

Building Healthier Relationships

What does the word ‘relationship’ really mean? You’re connected to everyone and everything; in other words, you’re in relationship with everything in existence. The world is a mirror, into which you look and observe yourself experiencing. Fun, eh? Breaking this Continue reading Building Healthier Relationships

The Fallacy of Good Enough

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Instead of trying to define yourself by standards of NOT good enough, doesn’t it make sense to first know what good enough is? That is, if it even exists… There isn’t an external measure in existence that can tell you Continue reading The Fallacy of Good Enough

Relationships in the New Paradigm

My latest post in OM Times magazine is called ‘Relationships in the New Paradigm.’ It can be found on page 76 of this week’s issue. If you prefer reading it online, you can find it here. It was also translated Continue reading Relationships in the New Paradigm

Stress and Relationships

Today’s post in OM Times magazine is called ‘Why Stress Affects your Relationships. It can be found on page 72. If you prefer the website version, you can find it here: Why Stress Affects your Relationships. Big Love, ~ Jenny Continue reading Stress and Relationships