May 2016 Full Moon Reading

It’s been a while since I teamed up with my inner child to do a reading, and today feels like the perfect day to do it.  Things have been getting pretty serious around here lately! There’s a Full Moon coming Continue reading May 2016 Full Moon Reading

Trust: The Return to Innocence

There is so much magic in reconnecting with our integral selves. It’s so easy to lose sight of our core truths along the way, as we set them aside or don masks to be other things for other people, or Continue reading Trust: The Return to Innocence

Emergence and Surrender

As we shift into spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), spring is on my mind. I wrote this post about spring and emergence as an act of surrender. You can read it on OM Times’ website here: Emergence as an Act Continue reading Emergence and Surrender

Romancing Trust

You can find my latest post on page 40 of this week’s OM Times magazine. It examines trust as an act of surrender If you prefer to read it on the website, here’s the link: Romancing Trust Big Love, ~ Continue reading Romancing Trust

The Power in Falling Apart

I am thrilled to share this interview with Angela Levesque at Health and Healing Radio. The description from the show’s page is as follows: ‘This show is where science and spirituality merge. As a society today, we are suffering more Continue reading The Power in Falling Apart