Starting Over

And so it begins… again. I’ve been tending to this blog for about three years now, and lately it has felt stagnant and heavy. I kept wondering if throwing it all out and starting over was the answer. Do I Continue reading Starting Over

Surrender Everything


Happy Friday and heading into post-Full Moon weekend!

SurrenderI’m being reminded that the act of surrender encompasses EVERYTHING. Letting go involves the release of hopes, dreams and desires as well as what no longer serves.

Why? Because sometimes the hopes, dreams and desires we’ve been holding on to as beacons through the stormy weather are no longer a fit for what we have become or are in the process of becoming.

In other words, we outgrow our dreams and desires as we integrate the fullness of ourselves. As with any other releasing, this can bring up sadness, longing or discomfort, as we surrender the beauty of what we’ve so long held on to as safety, security or possibility. What it brings is an opening for so much more, something that truly fits us as we step into the new whole-heartedly.

All things are transformed in the fires of surrender, and all things are surrendered to the fires of transformation. (I sound like the guy from Mystery Men!)

Wow. This is good stuff. Let the Moon work her magic and allow yourselves to receive ALL that you are.


(from 15 May, 2016): The act of receiving is a multi-layered thing which involves simultaneous surrender and opening. This is why it can feel frightening and why sometimes we resist or block it. There is great vulnerability in it.  As we stay surrendered, we are also open to receiving whatever is being presented.

Big Love,
~ Jenny

Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart

Catharsis, breakdown, breakthrough, dark night of the soul, rock bottom, turning point, tipping point, crisis point, psycho-spiritual crisis; no matter what you call it, it’s the same thing. It’s that point at which something in you decides the way you’ve been Continue reading Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart