About the Power of Change

aboutWelcome, beautiful wanderer. I am so happy you’re here.

Your soul’s journey has begun. You’ve heard the call and felt the urge to explore, wherever it may take you. You’ve taken leaps of faith and what others might call risks to find that deep thread that connects you to something bigger and more expansive than what you can see, and have been led to believe.

There is more. So much more.

You are a soul explorer, a mystic seeking the truth no matter the cost. You are a courageous Warrior of Love, who knows that vulnerability is the path to your greatest strength, and that the ‘easy’ path only leads to soul death.

You sense the price you’re being asked to pay, and you do it anyway, because your true nature is calling to you. Something in you wants to be heard, to be seen, to be brought out of hiding and into the light.

You are seeking your Self, and nothing can stop you. When you feel the call, you know. And nothing short of finding what you seek will end your journey, not even death. Without wholeness and balance, life feels empty and half-lived.

What you seek is within you, and without. It is reflected to you in the people you meet and places you go, asking you to feel the truth deep in your bones and step boldly into it. What you seek is you.

The journey begins with change. Something in you begins to feel trapped or limited where you are, as if you don’t ‘fit,’ or nothing fits you. You’re offered alternatives, which depending on circumstances, you take or not. You know, with every fibre of your being, that something other than ‘this’ exists, that this reality is not the whole truth.

Once you say yes to the adventure, whether consciously or not, you say yes to changes that will rock your world. They’ll take you from one perspective and way of being to something that feels like a whole new life. A life designed especially for you, by you.

Take the first step, brave wanderer. Say yes to you.

About Jenny

Jenny Griffin, The Power of ChangeI am a highly sensitive intuitive, mystic, messenger and mentor.

The way the magic of life works is that we reflect who and what we are, and who and what we are is reflected to us. This Hermetic principle comes to mind:

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

I was drawn to anthropology as an academic discipline because it reflected (in this dimension) a deeper soul calling to explore the experience of humanity. One of the methodologies an anthropologist uses in fieldwork is called ‘participant observer.’ That is also the way of a mystic, who uses their body and soul as their tools to explore the world.

A mystic immerses themselves in the experience of living, as a participant-observer on a soul level, emerging from each circumstance with a deep understanding of the gifts and lessons from multidimensional perspectives.

Ronda LaRue defines mystic in this way:

A mystic is one who, above all else in life, desires to know (not in the intellectual sense of knowing) the deepest Truth of existence. A mystic is one who senses more to life than making a living or being of service in the world – although these things are both necessary and good. The mystic, however, is looking beyond an exclusive (or preoccupied) focus on these survival/self-actualization desires to something more: he is looking to discover the deepest truth of our being as incarnate souls; to understand our greatest potential as reflections of God; to realize our wholeness within the Ground of All. The primary interest in life for the mystic is to discover truth, to know God, to see into mans whole nature. …The mystic sees all of life as an abundant opportunity to discover, realize, and express the Divine. ~ Ronda LaRue (rondalarue.com)

As a messenger, I also translate these insights and embodied wisdom to serve humanity as we collectively engage in shifts in consciousness.

My life is a testament to the power of change, which is how this website came to be.

The first indication that I was hearing the call was that I fell apart. It was a painfully beautiful opening that began the search for deeper meaning. I’ve been following that thread for close to ten years, moving frequently, writing, exploring, loving, letting go, walking, connecting and reinventing my life and my Self. As a result I’ve completely changed the story I tell.

I choose to live with my heart wide open and explore the world through that openness. It has brought me incredible rewards, deep soul connections and amazing growth. It has also brought challenges, which with an open heart are faced with the knowledge that huge opportunities await.

I was born with seven planets in Virgo, which is a whole lot of earth energy. It means as I explore the world, one of the most powerful connections I have is to the Heart of Creation, the core of the Earth’s energy that unites us all to our deeper truth. As we connect with our emotional, passionate selves, we bring this energy to play in the world around us.

We express the Earth’s desires through our bodies and creations.

The power that nature has to connect us to our souls is immense, and an essential part of the adventure. It awakens in us an understanding that we are not separate, but ALL vital pieces of a larger whole, partners in the dance of life. The Earth has inspired many occasions for me to reflect on this, including There’s no such thing as a Dumb Animal, A Love Song for the Animals and There are no Victims.

I’ve explored debt from the inside out, written about the spiritual meaning of debt (a three-part series), and even offer a pay-what-you-can program to help shift your mindset around it here. As we learn to take responsibility for whatever in ourselves contributes to the external experience of debt, we begin to attract different reflections.

I’ve lived with poverty and constriction, and through them discovered my own value. Money is a tricky subject for so many people, and yet it is an energy that supports and nurtures us in this dimension. As we heal our relationship to it, we heal the planet. I’ve received numerous insights about the energy of money, including Money and Spirituality in the New Paradigm, Money: Do your Chase or do you Follow? and Abundance and the Comparison Trap. I offer detailed What’s Blocking your Money Juju? readings, which use the tarot to dive deep into your money blocks and help you to open the way to further abundance into your life.

I’ve traversed the minefields of narcissism, in both familial and intimate relationships, and explored how my own unhealed wounds contributed to repetition of that pattern. This resulted in some beautiful insights and a deepening of my own self-love, which I’ve shared in this eCourse, designed specifically with empaths in mind. I’ve also started a series of video interviews examining the dynamic from a variety of perspectives. You can find that here. This personal exploration has led me to understand more deeply the collectively-held patterns of narcissism associated with the old patriarchal structures. This is part of what we are here to shift as a collective.

And where would we all be without Love? Ah, Love. There are so many times I’ve been inspired by this, to explore what it means from many perspectives. There was this post on the many facets of love, which came about after a powerful transcendental experience I had while cleaning a bathtub. This one was inspired by a song. This one was inspired by grief. This one was inspired by a walk. Love truly is everywhere, if we’re open to it.

The Divine Feminine has also been calling to me, asking me to more openly express the wisdom of the feminine as a great rebalancing takes place in our world. I’ve explored this energy from a variety of perspectives, such as: An Interview with the Wild Feminine, Narcissism and the Divine Feminine, Unleashing the Goddess, and Goddess Wanted: Apply Within. Stay tuned for further exploration of this topic as I unleash my inner goddess and bring forth more of the embodied wisdom of the feminine. Rawr.

If you’re interested in (Earthly) qualifications, I have a BA in Anthropology (Victoria, BC), an MSc in Social and Behavioural Sciences (Amsterdam), and an MSc in Social Anthropology (Edinburgh). My dissertation at Edinburgh was entitled ‘Catharsis and the Art of Falling Apart: Rewriting the Narratives of Self.’ I also have Level II Reiki certification and have been reading tarot for more than eight years.

What I do here

What I’m really good at is gently pointing you to the blocks you’ve hidden from yourself, and guiding you to new perspectives and solutions in yourself. I can see the structures in play that are limiting you or contributing to your stuckness. I love to lead others to discover possibility and potential where they hadn’t thought to look. My focus is on your empowerment, your self-mastery, and your expansion as a soul.

I do this in a number of ways, including intuitive mentoring, tarot readings and through eCourses. Please check out my Work With Me page to find what best suits your needs.

If you ask for my help, know that I am here to reflect to you your deepest truths. It may not be what you believe you want to hear, but it is what your soul wants you to hear. And it will be delivered in a way that empowers and supports you on your own exploration.

You’re always welcome to contact me for a complimentary Insight session to assess your unique needs.

Questions? Comments? Please use the form below.

Big Love,

~ Jenny

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