Reading for May Full Moon 2016


It’s been a while since I teamed up with my inner child to do a reading, and today feels like the perfect day to do it.  Things have been getting pretty serious around here lately! There’s a Full Moon coming up this weekend (21 May, 2016 to be exact), so the intention is to draw on the cards to offer some advice to use the upcoming Full Moon energy. As I shuffled 2 cards popped Continue reading

When I Forget I am Magic


When I forget I am a creature of magic forged in the diamond fires of stardust and sunshine… I feel confused and only partially alive. When I forget that I can create moments of exquisite beauty in the blink of an eye… I get distracted by the noise of striving, pushing and competing, and I feel frustrated. When I forget I can hear the gentle whispers of the trees, the wisdom of the whales and Continue reading

How to Untangle Attachments


* Also see my post entitled ‘Defining Attachment,’ which explores varying levels of attachment, including enmeshment and entanglement * It can be challenging to release attachments to old experiences, especially those that have left you feeling hurt, betrayed or otherwise unsettled. Perhaps you felt like you built your life around the thing, person or situation that is no longer in your life, and the attachment is the only residual tie to the deep love you Continue reading

Defining Attachment


* Also see my post ‘How to Untangle Attachments,’ which offers 10 ways to begin shifting the ties of attachment. * Varying levels and forms of attachment differ by degree of emotional investment. There is bonding, a natural and healthy form of attachment, usually beginning at birth with the bond between parents and children. Then there is attachment, a more complex connection between a person and a situation or another person, which can be both Continue reading

You Cannot Hide from your Beauty


You cannot hide from your beauty. You can try; you can bury it beneath layers of experiences and excuses designed to keep yourself and others from noticing it in you, but ultimately it will find you. Your beauty is a divine gift; it is your birthright and your truth. It is the essence of your soul that shines brightly for the world to see and it is waiting for you to embrace it. You don’t Continue reading