September 2015 Eclipse Readings


I recently made these two videos for the eclipses during September, 2015. I originally posted them to Youtube, Facebook and Google+ and am adding them here for easy access. This one was for the September 13 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse: And this one is for the September 28 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: Big Love, ~ Jenny

Revisiting the Law of Attraction

Tufted Titmouse

While I was out in the forest the other day, I asked the Earth what she had to say about our monetary system and the idea of manifesting. The answer I got was: we have it all backwards This dimension is a mirror of the higher realms, in more ways than one. It actually distorts and reverses some of the universal laws which we hold to be the truth. As we feel the shifting of Continue reading

Domestication of the Spirit: Suffering and Victimhood

For the past six days, I’ve been featuring videos of excerpts read from my book, ‘Domestication of the Spirit.’ Today’s reading on suffering and victimhood is the last live reading for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, and I look forward to more readings in the future. Here’s today’s reading:

Domestication of the Spirit: Love

As part of my GoFundMe campaign and a desire to show up authentically, I am doing live readings from my book on Zoom all this week until Thursday (27 August, 2015). The recordings are here on the blog, on Facebook, Youtube and Google +. Here’s today’s reading, on love:

Domestication of the Spirit: Patterns

As part of my GoFundMe campaign, raising money towards self-publication of my first book, ‘Domestication of the Spirit,’ I am sharing video excerpts this week. Every day until Thursday (27 August, 2015) on Zoom, at 2pm GMT (London time) I am reading live from the book and posting the recordings for public view. Here’s today’s reading, on patterns: