Exploring the Wild Feminine


While I originally thought this year’s exploration of the wild feminine would be all about the long walks I’ll be doing, I’m beginning to understand it’s as much about the surrender. If I find myself focussing on a future event or plan of action I miss out on the NOW. In a state of flow and acceptance, whatever arises is perfect. What has happened since I was first given the seed of the idea for Continue reading

I Explore Possibilities with Sheryl Sitts

Recently I was invited to be a part of Sheryl Sitts’ podcast series, Exploring Possibilities. We had a great conversation, about catharsis, structures, and my upcoming walking adventures. Enjoy the conversation here: More Exploring Possibilities Interviews on Journey of Possibilities

An Interview with the Wild Feminine


I step cautiously into the room, unsure of what I’ll find, and not wanting to disturb this elusive creature. There she is, dancing ecstatically, to music only she can hear. I’m frozen in place, blinded by her radiance. As she spins, she catches sight of me and beckons me further into the room, into the dance. I mutter something weak, like, ‘oh, but there’s no music…’ and the sudden peal of her laughter awakens something Continue reading

Exploring Commitment through the Tarot


This is the third in a series of posts examining four of the big concepts of old paradigm energy that have been feeling extra heavy lately. Last time I looked at Responsibility and today will be exploring Commitment. I’m using the Llewellyn Tarot deck and Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels cards. The tarot cards are drawn to examine the underlying energy of commitment and what it means to the collective. What do we need Continue reading

Some of my Favourite Things

It’s time for my monthly favourites! I love this time… This month, I’d like to share a couple more great resources for intuitive insights. The first is a hub called Spirit Library, which features a number of fantastic messengers, including Brenda Hoffman, Sarah Varcas and Lee Harris (just to name a few). They’re updated daily, and the site features articles, videos and interesting links. Energetic portals (specific dates or events) are addressed from a number Continue reading