Trust: The Return to Innocence



There is so much magic in reconnecting with our integral selves. It’s so easy to lose sight of our core truths along the way, as we set them aside or don masks to be other things for other people, or perhaps to ‘fit in.’ One of the most painful things to lose sight of is trust, which is a state of innocent surrender. It involves detaching from what we believe our needs to be and Continue reading

Life Lessons from a French Village


The shape this year is taking so far is pretty spectacular. I’ve had some incredible opportunities to visit (and revisit) new and old places, both physically and energetically. As I’ve stepped into each new opportunity with trust and enthusiasm, the path has risen up to meet me. ‘Walk in faith,’ is the mantra that’s been running through my head, delivering gift after gift as I follow wherever it leads. I’m currently in this incredible village Continue reading

Heeding the Call


We are all called, in different ways, towards what our souls most need to grow. Sometimes it’s a calling that takes us on a path towards our own destruction, only to be born again like the phoenix from the ashes. If it doesn’t destroy us in the pursuit of it, it may well destroy us through its denial. We know, though, when it absolutely cannot be ignored. It’s as if everything else falls away into Continue reading

Freedom as a Natural State of Being

Newleycombe Cross In Snow

It’s been a while since I posted here, and it’s still not entirely clear what’s happening. I know there are some deep, tectonic plate-type changes going on, and I’ve felt the shifts taking place on multiple levels of my being. I’m changing, The Power of Change is changing, the way I receive and transmit messages is changing… It’s been a few months of incredible discovery, watching as ‘circles’ have closed on past experiences, seeing the Continue reading

Some of my Favourite Things

It’s time for me to share my favourites again! Things have been shifting so rapidly I can barely keep my head on straight. One of the things that really helps me to stay grounded is music. So today, I’m sharing a couple of my favourite songs that either help me shake it all off or that help to reconnect me in other ways. I’d love to hear about some of your favourites! *I claim no Continue reading