Ascension Uncensored



Last year around this time, I was given a clear vision of a long, straight road ahead. I felt very strongly that a veil had been lifted, and we now had full access to this road, where we hadn’t before. There were no signposts up, and I got the sense that we could leave signposts for those who came after. It was up to us to choose whatever vehicle we wanted, to best enjoy the Continue reading

Look Who’s Awesome!

I was recently asked to be a part of this wonderful video series, ’8 Minutes of Awesome.’ It is the creation of Jennifer Lipsky, of MyMetaWorld, and I’m so honoured that she chose me as a participant among a group of huge and loving souls. Here’s the full video:

The Gift of Discernment

from Baisden Love

The past month or so has been one of diving deeper and deeper into old patterns and wounds, revelling in the gifts and insights that come of releasing and shifting. Many of the lessons have involved integrity, resonance, empowerment, patterns and alignment – the underlying theme is living a more conscious life. Insights have come in a variety of ways: through experiencing what was offered in each moment, no matter how ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ or otherwise Continue reading

The Walking Wounded


You don’t have to look too far to see the walking wounded; no farther than the mirror, really. I’m wounded, you’re wounded, we’re all wounded. That’s kind of the point of our existence. We incarnate here to grow as souls, in whatever way we’ve decided suits our highest needs. Our individual growth contributes to the collective growth, expanding the vibration of the planet, clearing away some of the old paradigm distortions that have held us Continue reading

Remembering who we are


A number of years ago, before I left Canada, I had a vivid dream. In it, there was a glowing, stunningly beautiful version of myself driving me around and talking about her amazing life. I was in the passenger seat, with my partner at the time, and two children were crawling on our laps. They were pointing out fun things, like cows and butterflies, and generally just enjoying the journey. I remember being so overwhelmed Continue reading