Boundaried Self-love


I’ve recently joined something called the Wisdom Bloggers Sisterhood, which is a group of women bloggers joining forces to cover a specific topic each month. November is all about creative self love, using Cheryl Bridges’ book ‘28 Days of Creative Self-Love’ as a tool to inspire us. The deadline for the November posts is today, and as often happens, I’m writing against the clock. I have all kinds of reasons (excuses) I could use for Continue reading

There is never NOT Love


About a year ago, I had a transcendental experience while cleaning a bathtub. The result of it was a post called The Many Facets of Love. This past year has been a testament to the truth of the words ‘Everything is Love’, as I’ve explored more deeply this human experience and what those words really mean. In every experience, every moment, there is Love. No matter how horrific or unlovely it may feel at the Continue reading

Narcissism and the Divine Feminine


Here’s a thought: narcissism is the antithesis of the divine Feminine. What does this mean for you and me? First I’m going to go broad, and then we’ll get personal. Really personal. The energetic realignment that’s been underway for decades has been about shifting old consciousness around existing distorted structures towards a more heart-centred way of being. This energy has been presenting as a resurgence of the (sacred) feminine, which has for millennia been under-represented Continue reading

Fighting as an Act of Love


At some point in our collective space-time continuum, the rift between balanced masculine and feminine energies distorted the fine art of fighting. It’s time to reclaim the aspect of fighting for what we believe in, from a state of pure love and self-respect. I’ll give you an example. The other day, I decided to do a past-life regression using an online meditation. It took me to two separate lifetimes, with very different feelings and outcomes. In Continue reading

Believe your Beautiful Truth

just as you are

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of hiding. I feel like I’ve spent lifetimes hiding, out of some weird loyalty to old systems and structures that might just implode if the truth were to come out. What is this ‘awful’ truth that might topple nations and destroy everything the collective has worked so hard to support? The truth is just how beautiful I am. I am a shining, delicious beacon of pure light, Continue reading