Unleashing the Goddess Sessions



I invite you to join us Tuesday nights online to explore the Divine Feminine in daily life. There will be guideline topics for each week, and the agenda will vary based on the collective energy of the group. We are undergoing a collective shift that involves the reawakening connection to the feminine within us all. This is not the feminine as defined by millennia of distortions; it is not an external expression but an emanation Continue reading

Forget Diamonds; Emotions are a Girl’s Best Friend

Actually, they’re a human’s best friend, but the song says girl, so I went with it. As a collective, we’re returning to the knowledge of the Divine Feminine at its full strength, so get ready to feel, like you’ve never felt before. No more of this surface-level bullshit or striving for the happy, clappy stuff that bypasses the truth of your power. Your power lies in the capacity to tap into the heart and soul Continue reading

Toxicity, Resonance and Healing

Happy 2016!! I’ve been detoxing for a few weeks and things are shifting rapidly. There are all kinds of insights coming up around the idea or toxicity and resonance and how they contribute to our healing. With this video, I hope to offer clarity on the concepts of toxins, dissonance, resonance and healing. Enjoy! Big Love, ~ Jenny

A Solstice Message (2015)

Happy Solstice and best wishes for the holiday season! I’ve made a short video with a message which carries us through to the new year. I wish you a happy, joyful holiday however you celebrate, and I look forward to seeing you in 2016! There are some big changes coming up for The Power of Change, so stay tuned. Big Love, ~ Jenny

An Empath’s Guide to Narcissists

Earlier this year, I walked several hundred kilometres across France. It was a healing journey and an opportunity to integrate many of the shifts I’ve been through in the past few years. One of the things that happened on the walk was a deep processing of a dynamic that has been part of my life for many years: narcissism. I’d been working through it all year, and as I walked, it began to work itself Continue reading