The Masks of Duality



We hear a lot about the idea of duality and its apparent opposite, unity or Oneness. It seems the role or goal of consciousness is to transcend the former and move into a state of awareness that we are the latter. What’s been made incredibly clear over this past couple of months is the connection between the masks we wear and the concept of duality. We are so entrained by existing structures and beliefs that Continue reading

Inner Goddess Videos with Lyn Thurman

This week I’m sharing another interview, from the series ‘Inner Goddess Revolution’ with the fabulous Lyn Thurman, writer, revolutionary and Inner Goddess unleasher. We talk about intuition, catharsis, and all kinds of fun things in this half hour Google hangout.

The Gifts in Addiction


Source has infinite ways to show us our beauty, to lead us to our truth, and addictions, despite being designated as harmful or ‘bad,’ are one of those ways. There are so many things we can be addicted to: substances; people; situations; experiences; you name it, there’s potential for developing an obsession. And they’re rife in our society – as access to more ‘things’ increases, there are further opportunities for addictions. Always at the root Continue reading

Ascension Uncensored


Last year around this time, I was given a clear vision of a long, straight road ahead. I felt very strongly that a veil had been lifted, and we now had full access to this road, where we hadn’t before. There were no signposts up, and I got the sense that we could leave signposts for those who came after. It was up to us to choose whatever vehicle we wanted, to best enjoy the Continue reading

Look Who’s Awesome!

I was recently asked to be a part of this wonderful video series, ’8 Minutes of Awesome.’ It is the creation of Jennifer Lipsky, of MyMetaWorld, and I’m so honoured that she chose me as a participant among a group of huge and loving souls. Here’s the full video: