Exploring Guilt through the Tarot



The past few months have been filled with intense shifts and heavy energies. It’s as if the old paradigm is in the midst of its death throes, tossing up all kinds of darkness in a last-ditch effort to keep us tied to the old, distorted structures. For the next few weeks, instead of a weekly two-card reading (on the Facebook page), I’ll be using the tarot to explore four of the ‘heavy hitters’ of old Continue reading

The Essence of Communication


At the heart of most human communications are words of some kind. What are words? They appear to be one or two-dimensional manifestations of concepts, thoughts and ideas that we wish to express to one another. In their purest form, they express observations of what IS, or appears to be. At their most basic, words are descriptive, neutral symbols. Ice cream and murder are equivalent at that level. There is no value afforded to either Continue reading

Some of my Favourite Things

It’s time for my monthly favourites! Yay! This month I’m going to share with you a couple of my favourite people, whose blogs and work light my heart. They consistently put beauty, joy and love into the world, offering new perspectives and practices on living a life of bliss. Ah, bliss. I met Joy Holland from Facets of Joy through an online networking group, and immediately her energy and message resonated strongly with me. She Continue reading

I Looked in the Mirror and What did I see?


My friend Joy and I decided to do a blog exchange in July, and her only caveat was ‘something fun.’ So we decided on the idea of a date, time and instruction that we’d give each other, and write about what we learned from that moment. (I wrote this on 25 July, and as life would have it, we both became busy and the exchange didn’t happen. This post feels relevant right now, so I Continue reading

Some of my Favourite Things

I’ve decided to start a new feature, where once a month I share some of my favourite resources, blogs, websites, ideas, etc. Things that make my heart sing, things that move me, things that make me think, things that offer me support and guidance, that kind of thing. I’ll share at least two every month, depending on how much delicious stuff comes my way! So, let’s kick this off with some oracle-type goodies. Where do Continue reading