You Cannot Hide from your Beauty



You cannot hide from your beauty. You can try; you can bury it beneath layers of experiences and excuses designed to keep yourself and others from noticing it in you, but ultimately it will find you. Your beauty is a divine gift; it is your birthright and your truth. It is the essence of your soul that shines brightly for the world to see and it is waiting for you to embrace it. You don’t Continue reading

March 2016 Visibility Challenge (Week 3)

Continuing with my visibility challenge, which is turning out to be a great experience. I’m enjoying stepping in front of the camera every day and expressing whatever wants to be expressed. I’ve enjoyed the free-flow of it and the sense of excitement as each day’s topic comes clear. Here’s a link to the full playlist on Youtube: March 2016 Visibility Challenge. Day 15: 14 March, 2016. All about choice and judgement, including song lyrics from Continue reading

March 2016 Visibility Challenge (Week 2)

I’m continuing with my visibility challenge this week, feeling more comfortable with the idea of being on camera and just expressing whatever comes up that day. I’m beginning to understand that the purpose of the challenge is really about committing to myself and honouring the inspirations that come up to be expressed. I appreciate all feedback and questions. If you’d like to see the whole Playlist, you can find it here: March 2016 Visibility Challenge. Continue reading

March 2016 Visibility Challenge (Week 1)

Lately, I’ve been called to be more visible. I thought one way to honour that calling was to challenge myself to make a video a day while I’m at my current housesit (approx 25 days). I have no idea what the topics will be, or how I will show up on days I feel like hiding, but that is part of the challenge. I invite comments, questions and feedback, and look forward to seeing you Continue reading

Unleashing the Goddess Sessions


I invite you to join us Tuesday nights online to explore the Divine Feminine in daily life. There will be guideline topics for each week, and the agenda will vary based on the collective energy of the group. We are undergoing a collective shift that involves the reawakening connection to the feminine within us all. This is not the feminine as defined by millennia of distortions; it is not an external expression but an emanation Continue reading